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Since we were born as the daughters of one of the deep-rooted families of Isparta, which is known as the land of roses and meets 65 percent of the world's rose oil production, working in corporate companies for many years   we, our families and our environment _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_We embarked on this journey with the aim of benefiting and spreading the natural and quality products used by everyone.



The stories of our great-great-grandfathers, which started with rose cultivation in the 1900s, continued until 1958, when our father's and mother's grandfathers gathered the roses they grew in their fields and extracted oil in copper alembics on wood fire. 6 cooperatives united and formed the Gülbirlik cooperative. Our mother's father served as the general manager of this cooperative in 1975 and went to France to visit the factories on site, gave trainings on the Isparta rose and wrote books.

Our childhood and youth were spent listening to rose stories. Even when our grandmother's mother passed away at the age of 95, her skin was soft and smooth. When we were children, we admired the skin of this sycamore wise woman, she used rose water and rose cream, which she always kept on her bedside morning and evening.

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